About Geneva Sunrise

Geneva Sunrise: Where Nature's Beauty Becomes Timeless Art

"These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of..."
-George Eliot

From a childhood woven with the enchantment of crystals and the hues of the Earth, my desire to create emerged as a reflection of an innate connection with nature's treasures. As the daughter of two geologists, my journey through life has been guided by a deep-rooted appreciation for the wonders that lie within the heart of the Earth.

The spark ignited in my early years burgeoned into a passion, a fervor to transform natural gemstones and crystals, harmoniously intertwined with sustainably sourced precious metals, into wearable art. In 2012, the first glimmer of my jewelry line shone forth, driven by the dream of encapsulating the essence of these gems in designs that transcend time.

In 2013, the Pacific Ocean's call led me away from my Indiana roots, seeking the West Coast's boundless beauty and inspiration. Embraced by the ever-changing canvas of California's coastline, each wave and sunset has left an indelible mark on my creative soul. My designs resonate with the colors, textures, and flora that unfurl around me, as every piece I create encapsulates a piece of my spirit.

Crafted with devotion and meticulous attention to detail, each handcrafted treasure I forge holds the whispers of my soul. Time is woven into every piece, ensuring their endurance through life's journey. My California studio witnesses the birth of each unique creation, with the intention to become part of the wearer's milestones and stories.

My quest for knowledge reached its zenith between 2019 and 2021, when I immersed myself in the halls of the Gemological Institute of America. Here, I earned degrees as a Graduate Gemologist, Graduate Jeweler, and Applied Jewelry Professional. This knowledge infuses each piece with precision and expertise, echoing the mastery gained through my journey.

In 2022, my jewelry line embraced a new dawn as Geneva Sunrise. This name not only pays homage to my grandmother, Geneva, whose jewelry collection ignited my appreciation for the art, but it also encapsulates the vibrancy of life on the Pacific. Every creation from Geneva Sunrise is a testament to nature's brilliance, echoing the hues, textures, and emotions that color my life.

My artistic philosophy is rooted in using natural crystals, ethically sourced gemstones, and recycled precious metals, marrying these with my hands and heart to craft each piece. With each design, I aim to kindle a glimmer in the heart of the wearer, a reminder of their strength and the journey they've traversed.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of crafting nature's wonders into timeless adornments. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of Earth and life, woven into each Geneva Sunrise creation.

With gratitude,
Katelynn Coad